Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year

What a mess 2009 has been! I must say that I am very happy to have it gone!! As I sit here listening to Taylor Swift I can't help but want to spend a few minuets and review 2009. In reality all it does is depresses me! Over the coarse of one year my family has lost three family member due to death, have managed to survive a divorce ( My FIL cheated on my MIL of 38 years with none other then her best friend who just happened to be my FIL ex! What a mess that is still!) a remarriage (did a mention that he didn't tell anyone for two months after they were married and got married only one month after being divorced from my MIL!) Did you catch all that? Hope so because I am not going to rewrite it again. Going on with this year and why it sucked! I had a miss carriage and I think that is all with the crappy stuff (but could that be a blessing?)

Now to try and focus on the good! My DH is still working and going to school and manages to fine to juggle a crazy wife and 3 very demanding kids. I started doing home school with the girls and cant believe that they turned 4 this year. I don't ever recommend having twins by the way. That is if you can help it. But I love them and all there craziness. I dread the day they turn 15 and start fighting over boys!

R.D turned 1 this year and is nothing more then a big spoiled brat!! He is the luckiest little boy to have two big sister doting over him. He is a monster just the same. I keep telling my DH that I am ready to get my tubes tied. Well see how that fight goes.

With all New Years comes resolutions and this year I am setting my own goal to work on. So with no further ado I give you my new years resolution list..
1. Be a better mom with more patients for my kids.
2. Be a better wife to my husband
3. Write on my blog more (even though I don't think anyone reads it)
4.Cook out of one of my many many cookbooks at least once a week! And try to blog about it.
5. Learn something new. (don't know yet on this one but am open to suggestions)
6. Last but on least, Get the rest on my baby weight off!!!